A little story I wrote about Go Go Dancing at Motor City...

330am to 350am I am awash in the pink and purple..punk and pimple zigzags I left behind after dancing for 4 hours. The skid marks. Donuts on the road of air between me, my sweat (not much), and the music. Just above and around my podium. I make donuts like a hoodlum in a fast car. Walking home from Go Go dancing takes 20 minutes. I have my fringe bikini on under a pair of denim overalls and polyester shirt. Singles in my bag are Crumpled. Happy. Drunk. Some guilty. Mascara has run a bit. Hair itchy under my wig. A scar beginning to form from the cut of my rogue sequin. I pass you. I pass you all the time. Sometimes you are tripping over. Sometimes you are looking at me shoutin

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