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Montag Blau

Review I wrote for one of my favorite acts of all time xx

New Order

Donnertag 15, 2001

Columbiahalle, Berlin

Let us divide up some Joy and fill our lungs and eyes

with pink air.

Mr Pink Smoke Machine Eyes.

Lift our bodies, stretch our torsos up and thrust our

pelvises, body rolls, swaying hips, shaky shaky heads.

Let us divide up some MORE joy and sing sing sing

along with dancing Bernard Sumner. He knows how to

make us dance because he's been a dancer all these

years. One arm and leg, pointing out. He jumps along

to his own chorus on stage. It doesn't feel like a

barrier band, it feels like someone holding our hand.

"Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio"

Dance dance dance dance dance to the New Order

Old geezers, rock, purple and pink sprayed with

synthesizers as backdrop. New Order rock. Bernard is

sweet, girly, charming, naff, wunderbah. He says

"thank you" after every song and he whistles, leaps,

and yells "come on"

And we do


On and on and on

It opens with a crazy old coot throwing a pineapple

into the audience. He introduces the band as Joy

Division. 3 femme German boys give them the finger.

They are smiling through their yellow teeth. Cigarette

smoke masking their love for Joy. So begins "Crystal"

and Berlin kids start to jump..along with some English

yobs and one Australian go go go go girl. White boot

princess dances with Berlin love goth(ess)..she smiles

her black smile...sweat startling the studs round her

neck. "We're like crystal...yeah"


And every song is a storm of sound. The rock or the

synth songs, the guitar or the bells...the hand

claps, the ooh ooh oohs...

The sound storm engulfs and spirits the crowd. It is

big and it is beautiful. There is nothing OLD about

this at all. The band are laughing, dancing. And every

song introduces a new scream, smile, standing strut,

sigh from us.

"Temptation"....Lights go green and the drums almost

shatter our bones apart as our hips whipcrack along to

the beat. It's fast and full and frisky...and the "ooh

ooh ooh ooh"s keep coming from the crowd after the

song has finished. We want to sing with you.

They dedicate Joy Division's "Atmosphere" to Ian

Curtis (RIP) and treat us with "Transmission" (too

wild!) and "Love will tear us apart" from the same

band. It's awesome. Like spreading open your heart and

gobbling all the old dance moves up..when you were

young and foolish. Happy. The gay boys are squealing

in my foreground, the goth girls are humping my side's all for closing your eyes and screaming



And "True Faith" and "Touched by the Hand of God" and

"Bizare Love Triangle" ignites the crowd. They lose

all order. Old and new.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance


And when they play "Regret" with all that sorrow in

the keyboards..I am smiling louder than the brush of

it. It soothes and it of their finest


Bernard tries to pass off "Your Silent Face" as

Bavarian...almost pulls it of, the cheeky bugger. It's

romantic. He plays the melodica sweet and soft. We

float, touch, fondle, fly.

But "60 mph" speeds us back into motion, disjointed,

cracking, rock, crazyass, get us up and up and's the beat and the guitar from a newer age,

and a brisk brave groove. I want to dance with this

sound. Guitars that dance and shout. Bernard poncing


Lay about in it.

They love Berlin. They swear and fuss and flirt. A few

jokes about Manchester, Football..Bernard almost makes

love to the bass at one point. But then he denies


Encore. "Blue Monday" It's the right finale. It's all

hooks and POWs and pounding bass and drums at your

feet and at your heart. It's the epic, the classic

,the star. We danced for all of it and beyond. And

Bernard danced too, in love. Tonight, it sounds like a

million souls are singing every slide, swirl, bang,

clap, word. It's the song that slips us all into the

higher air.

"I was upset you see, almost all the time

You used to be a stranger, now you are mine"

Anna Copa Cabanna

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