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Ending the year with song and dance!

Updated: Feb 16

It was great to end the year on a hopeful, and creative note. I danced at a socially distant NYE Art Show, performed in a fun Elvis Tribute Online Show, danced in another music video, and released some new music!

Always a pleasure to dance for Iconic Underground DIY Space RUBULAD. I've missed performing "offline" so much, so to dance on NYE for real people (socially distanced and masked! SAFE!) was a dream. I could really see the smiles on their faces...even behind the masks.

Here are two of the videos I made for the Elvis Show with Fred Sauter

I'm proud to be part of a new collaboration album called Pumpkin Bone masterminded by Jesse Krakow. I contribute vocals on two tracks- "As The Clouds Drift By" with Robert Conroy, and "We Don't Sleep" (I wrote the melody and lyrics). "We Don't sleep" is about one long glorious night in Berlin. I rode around with two people I hardly knew. We had adventures, met beautiful strangers, ate pasta for breakfast. It represents a time I felt most free. Young, with full trust in the world. Listen and/or buy "As the Clouds Drift Buy" here

I was also thrilled to dance for Eddie Skuller's awesome cover of "Rock On" by David Essex. The track was produced by Latin GRAMMY Award-winning engineer, musician, producer and dub master Victor Rice xx

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