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New Music Video Premiere "We Don't Sleep"

A big thank you to Rock and Roll Globe for premiering my new Music Video for "We Don't Sleep". This song is a collaboration between myself and Jesse Krakow (Julee Cruise, The Shaggs) and was created during Lockdown. At the beginning of the Lockdown, I found myself hearing from old friends and acquaintances- some people I only knew for a short time. We made moments that left a mark. People were looking back a lot. This kind of uncertainty and longing felt new, and I know I also daydreamed a lot about a more "carefree" time. Nostalgia is a powerful, bittersweet drug. The music sounded like this to me. "We Don't sleep" is about one long glorious night in Berlin. I rode around with two people I hardly knew. We had adventures, met beautiful strangers, ate pasta for breakfast. It represents a time I felt most free. Young, with full trust in the world. Video premiere HERE

The video was crafted by the amazing Cara Maria O'Shea

Look at My Records also wrote a lovely feature on the song and video in their "New and Notable" section. Check it out HERE xx

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